Monday, February 1, 2016

My first 5e Dungeon is complete!

Technically, its a dungeon by Dyson Logos, but I took his dungeon idea and ran with it. The dungeon is complete, but far from finished. If you edit your own material, you'll notice things you missed or wished you'd changed before making it public. I just did that with "Lair of the Frogs".

Its up, there to the right at the bottom of the downloadables, in all its error-riddled glory. I should have spent another week on editing it again, but instead I had to sit on it and scrape my way through another gruelling workweek and work on the gamestore campaign world.

As to the gamestore campaign, I must ask if anyone else has ever had to submit work for someone else's campaign world. So... have you?

This is a first for me, and I was very tempted to say that the DM was simply lazy and didn't want to develop a world to run his game in, but after several conversations with him, I realize that he's very open towards fitting every player into the campaign (as this is a public game - anyone who walks in must be allowed to play - according to the gamestore's manager), instead of forcing the players to fit their characters into a pre-made campaign world, he'd rather us create our characters' backgrounds and histories. And this includes the campaign world's background and history.

It definitely has the potential to be a very interactive, collaborative world, although I have no idea if any of the other players have even approached the amount of material I've already typed up in just a couple of weeks, and that reminds me: I have most of the other players' emails, and I need to spend my last remaining hours on the interwebz today by contacting them and hammering out what site we're going to use to share materials. I'm hoping the rest of them vote for Google docs/Google Drive, since I've FINALLY learned how to navigate that system and use it effectively.

I'll post my Dakan Mar campaign prospectus and house rules for 5e later on this week. I have two more days before going back to work, so I hope I get something productive done. Of course, the thought crossed my mind that if I really wanted to be productive, I'd post something Holmes or 0e related. But with living in a town this size, and having limited access to D&D players of any edition, one cannot afford to be too choosy in game systems. Yes, I'd prefer to be running an 0e/Holmes game, but I'll settle for a gamestore 5e game if that's the only game that fits my nutso work schedule.

Besides, 5e is not a terrible game system. Is it flawed? Yes, but what game isn't? That's what house rules are for. ;)