Monday, June 15, 2020

Almost FOUR Years Since the Last Post

Its been almost 4 years since, well, its in the post title...

A lot has gone down in that time, and, for those of you not paying attention, our world has changed in ways that has altered our perspectives permanently. But this blog isn't about politics. Its about D&D!

Four years ago, I switched to 5e because that was what my group was playing, and I wanted to share some content that I was creating. But now, that group has disbanded and I am no longer creating 5e content. I am back into my 0e ways, and hopefully I'll be able to post here more often than I used to.

I am not even certain that I have followers, but that's okay. A lot of water has gone over this washed out bridge, and we're back to using fords, ropes and ferries to cross this river. It might even be all dried up, who knows?

As far as created content, I've updated my Levels Beyond Basic rules, and it is now up to version 13. I haven't added anything new, but I've streamlined some bits, removed a useless section or two, changed the font from Liberation Sans to Trebuchet MS, and reformatted almost every page to make everything fit a bit better with the tools I have to work with.

Everything I create comes from Libre Office Writer, which is free and nice, and I can create PDFs with it. I am still able to use my old Linux OS laptop to create, but have a wonky transfer system to my new W10 laptop to publish to this blog and the Giggle Drive.

"What kind of 0e version is Levels Beyond Basic?" First off, I am not a professional writer, so I have little to no experience with copyright & content protections, misuse, or appropriations. Second, I intend that my little set of house rules here is NEVER for sale, and is free to view and use. They are house rules, gathering some of the best fitting rules from OD&D, the Supplements, Holmes, some pre-AD&D rules, Dragon magazine, Judges Guild, and later editions - most of which may be WotC property, and if not - property of other companies and individuals. These rules were never published with the intent of challenging their rights or properties, but in order to facilitate an ongoing, living game of D&D DM'd by me, and made available to my players via the internet.

I choose to share what I've done with the rules with others so show what you can do with the rules, and if you like it, you are free to use it. Version 13 (the latest version, as of this date) hopefully meets most of today's reading standards, but, as a non-professional writer, I will acknowledge ahead of time that as the standards change, I am most likely behind in keeping up with them, and anything you, kind reader finds does not meet with your approval, I assure you that it is not intentional.

In the spirit of the modularity of the rules, please feel free to make those changes yourself if I have fallen short of your expectations as a compiler and kitbasher of rules, I would not be offended in the least. These rules will never be presented in a "finished" state. They will forever be "a work in progress", to mirror the human state - as we all are a work in progress, so please be forgiving as I work to progress as a human and a writer.
Thank you.

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