Thursday, April 2, 2015

Counter Spell Revised

Counterspells are part of my house rules that I've started to collect in a document that I call "Levels Beyond Basic", or "LBB". Each class has a few other abilities that I'll eventually post here. The first one I'm detailing is Counterspells, posted earlier last night right before I went to bed.

This version is a bit tighter, and now only available to Magic-Users. It still isn't as perfect as I think it can be, but as I'm ready to go to work, I'll post it now and let you guys take a crack at it. :)

Only Magic-Users can counterspell. A magic-user of higher level than his or her opponent can successfully counter a spell on a roll of 8 or better on 2d6. A magic-user of equal level as his or her opponent successfully counters a spell on a roll of 9 or better on 2d6. A magic-user of lower level than his or her opponent casting a spell must roll 10 or better on 2d6.

The countering magic-user must sacrifice an uncast spell to counterspell, but the magic-user suffers a -1 to Dex for initiative, as does any magic-user casting a spell gets a -1 to Dex equal to the spell level. A lower level spell sacrificed may counter a cast spell of higher level on a roll of 10 or better on 2d6.

Devices using charges; i.e., wands, staves, rods, that cast spells (spell-storing items such as necklaces or amulets included) may be used to counter a spell, but the device using Magic-User is not penalized against his or her Dexterity for determining initiative, but the device must be in hand. Using a device to counter a spell uses one charge, and counters a spell on a roll of 9 or better on 2d6.

Magic-users may only counter one spell per combat round if there is combat, or one spell every turn if there is no combat taking place. The countering magic-user may not cast any spells in the round or turn that a counter spell is performed. Spells cast from memory, scrolls, or spell books may be countered. Clerical spells may not be countered by magic-users. Spell-like effects that are activated by a device or weapon may not be countered unless a counterspell effect like the Rod of Cancellation is used.

Countering spells is not a magical effect or spell, rather it is anti-magical in nature, and consists of the Magic-User performing somatic gestures, uttering words and applying substances that cancel magical effects. A Dispell Magic spell or activated item with dispelling effects cancels the effects of a counter spell action.