Monday, July 20, 2015

Version 11 is up!

A very short note to let you all know that I've completely skipped versions 9 & 10, and have gone straight for ELEVEN.

"Our versions go up to eleven!"

So much for the obligatory Spinal Tap reference.

A bit more added here & there, a bit more clear formatting, more shaded boxes, Zenopus' Random Character Backgrounds added (without his permission, of course...), and the reasons keep adding up as to why these PDFs are unregulated house-rules for playing D&D, and not an official OSR marketable product with PI, IP, copyrights or copylefts.

Its a total hack. Always was, always will be.

There are some other things about version 11 I was probably going to mention, but I'm guerilla internetting and my coffee shop is about to close for the evening.

Just download 11 (if googledocs will let you) and find those easter eggy changes for yourself! I dare ya!