Saturday, October 17, 2015

Roleplaying Tips Mega Dice Bag Giveaway; or My First Attempt at Blogging Commercialism (In a way...)

Here's the link:

Here's the pitch: This guy (Johnn Four) has some pretty awesome gaming tips that even I don't totally ignore because it isn't aimed directly at Holmes or 0e games, and he's got 5 extra bags of dice to give away, (Mega Dice Bag from Easy Roller Dice Co. 15 complete sets of polyhedral dice in a velvet lined dice bag) so he made a contest, or a drawing, or raffle, or whatever...

Anywha, I really could use some more dice, and so could you. Yes, I admit it, so its safe for you to admit it too: you're a dice snob, and you have specific dice 'rituals' and 'superstitions' when it comes to operating them during a game. When all is said and done, and your usual dice fail you time after time, its time to get new ones, acclimate them to your environment and keep on gaming, cause its what we do.

Now, I'm not an accountant or a mathematician, but I understand the theory that every time I, or anyone else spreads the word about this contest, my name (or your name, if you choose to do so) gets entered 10 more times, thus, my (and it could be yours too!) chances of winning go up quite a bit!

So, click on that link above and enter your name to win a bag of dice too. I did!