Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Better Late Than Update 2

Version 5 of Levels Beyond Basic is now uploaded. I haven't the slightest clue as to how things are supposed to be uploaded (I forgot how I did it at all the first 3 times), but I had to delete the old gadget that created the link 'page', and create a totally new one. If you were trying to download v-3, so sorry, it is gone from Google Drive as well (I hope). You didn't want that version anyway, it was pretty crappy compared to version 5. 

The Reference Sheets 1-5 have finally been updated to match the edits in the latest version (version 6), and have been uploaded. All of this should be up on it's elbows and knees and crawling on its belly now.

As I'm very new to the blogohedron (sphere?), I'm still getting the hang of how all this works, so I am eager to hear any comments on the blog, the PDFs or whatever. I think I have comments turned on, but I haven't heard from anyone yet. Lets hope I can entice someone to post something, for good or bad. (Okay, more good than bad...)

Again about the art in Levels Beyond Basic: These pieces are used without permission, as is most of the content in the PDFs. The art will eventually be replaced as soon as I finish the cover piece and begin other marginal art for the rest of the book. 

As I am re-learning how to draw, I am also re-learning the habits of a good artist; how to sit, how to approach the canvas, angles, perspective, vanishing points, mediums, types of brushes, pencils, ink, charcoal - the whole lot (well, nearly everything BUT the digital mediums...), the hardest thing I've found so far is how to deal with a hand that is a bit more shakier than it was 30+ years ago, eyes that get tired far more quickly than they did - even 10 years ago, less patience as I grow older, and free time that is currently managed while I lay in bed with my eyes closed.

The cover will be a copy of Holmes' Basic Boxed Set - and I can guarantee that it won't even be as pretty or neat as the original, and it is obviously drawn on tracing paper (yes, I traced it!) and colored in as quickly as possible to just get the project finished. In my defense, I did want a cover that embodied the heart and soul of my LBB project, and so far, I think it has lived up to everything in the text of LBB materially.

It is obviously a copy, even transparently so.

But still, there is a lot of interpretation to a copy because it will be imperfect or an exact clone. An exact clone would be kind of boring - its not new, and we've all seen this before. Ho hum. But where the lines have obviously been copied, the interior is similarly colored, and the pencil marks are just as detailed, but with different patterns, and in some cases - wholly divergent from the original. Yes, I do believe that once this is finished, I must find a way to scan it, rather than simply taking a digital pic of it with my camera. (The art for this blog was photographed and uploaded to my computer.)

I still have a lot of ground to cover, and this post has rambled on long enough. 

Next up: ? Class and Race design decisions, combat examples, new Vancian spells, Portown campaign notes? Psionics? It'll be a surprise, because I haven't decided what I'm doing next!