Saturday, March 7, 2015

Eldritch Wizardry Title Art

Yes, that is my work - a study of the cover of Eldritch Wizardry. I have a few more 'studies' planned, but I really have to be ready to draw as soon as I get home from my last shift of the week, and be completely prepared. I just can't motivate myself to sit down & draw something at random like I used to in high school. Sigh, I'm very out of practice and discipline...

If I ever get enough black & white pieces done, I may just use them for Levels Beyond Basic, instead of stealing from other artists. That will take some time to do, of course, but this isn't a race to publish my retro-clone before anyone else publishes theirs; this is my hobby, and I am approaching this as I would painting miniatures. Every detail is attended to eventually, and they won't be ready for the table until they get the last dab of paint on the belts and scabbards.

Wooooo, that outta motivate my lazy arse!