Friday, March 27, 2015

Have Internet will Blog, Have Draft, will Dungeon (updated)

My neighbor had internet installed a couple days ago, and since I helped him out with smokes & lending movies, he gave me his passcode to get on his wireless, so starting this weekend or around then, I'll move forward a notch on learning the blogging ropes & actual content.

Since I am at work right this very moment, I'll have to keep this short, but a couple of interesting things have happened of late that you may or may not have already heard about.

Zenopus has posted an excellent set of 7 pre-generated characters usable with Holmes, 0e & Greyhawk, as one of the characters is a hobbit thief. I used Zenopus' random name generator & came up with:

Ev To of the Beetling Brow F:1
Sho Mal of the Haunted Heath Cleric:1
Hogo of the Arid Wastes Dwarf F:1
Yszort A Magic-User:1
Nedhaljo Elf F/M-U:1/1
Kra Carbel (Cracker Barrel) Thief:1
Rorembo Hobbit Thief:1

If you know about my blog, you probably learned about it from Zenopus' blog so I won't post a link, but I may later when I get a bit of free time.

The second item you may not have heard about is "Dungeons & Drafts" - a D&D themed bar (BAR) that serves alcohol to geeks. The bar will have a grand opening/shindig/whatever on June 13th, and it is located in Fort Collins Colorado, very near where I used to live. I will make plans to go there in June, on or about the 13th, just to show my belated support.

The owners funded a kickstarter in less time than it takes to recover from a Bobjester class hangover. Again, no links right now, but if you're on facebook, search "Dungeons & Drafts" and "like" em. I found about them yesterday (thank you Andy) just as the kickstarter was finished.

Link: Dungeons & Drafts

I think the west/mid-west portion of the US just got a place to hold a mini-con, and with a bit of luck, we can be the OS presence there, and I'd certainly be interested in contacting anyone who plans on going there at anytime in the future.

There is also an event on April 11th called "International Tabletop Day" at the Fort Collins Marriott hotel. $5.00 entry fee to go in, show support, play games, play or run demos, etc. If you're a "Dungeons & Drafts" kickstarter backer, or under the age of 12, entry is free. Am I going? I'm a bit poor due to overtime cutbacks, but if I could swing it, I'd go just to set up a Holmes/0e game! Of course, I'm woefully unprepared, but with Zenopus' pre-gens, half the battle of introducing new players to Holmes & 0e is already done! But I'd have to brush up Stone Mountain & Portown, perhaps a run through the Djangorun Depths is in order, hrmmmm, much thinking & lip curling to be done here....

Link: International TableTop Day at Dungeons & Drafts