Thursday, March 5, 2015

Better Late Than Ever Update 1

I did manage to get v3 of Levels Beyond Basic posted yesterday before the coffee shop closed, and I went home & tinkered with the ms again, so v4 will definitely have some small changes, but they improve the whole by 100% already. 

The changes I tried to make was to add some free-standing art between the two column sections and the pages with only short tables or little text, and it was a fracking disaster. The one page I tried this on had two short tables for half-orcs, and about half a page of empty space, so I attempted to insert a pic of Greg Bell's infamous "Fight On!" from 0e here. The bottom table and the pic jumped to a new page and even after re-sizing, the pic and table would not go back to the previous page. I have no idea what happened or why I couldn't add a small pic to fill the space at the bottom of the page; instead it (the pic AND the 2nd table) jumped to a new, empty page and then the table refused to go back, even after deleting the pic altogether. I had to close the odt without saving to get the tables to realign themselves in order.

I don't recommend 'upgrading' to Libre 3 Office; stay with Open Office if you're using any sort of Linux/Ubuntu. Watch for it when doing automatic updates and don't allow it into the other things you let update by automatic, or click to approve type of things. Libre3 apparently added itself because I just clicked the update button and let it do its thing. Serves me right, I guess; I've always been a few steps behind in computer operation, and at least 10-20 years behind on software/hardware knowledge. 

Just because its automatically added doesn't always mean its the best system out there, and as free products go, there are better FREE products out there. 

Ahhh, back to LBB: I intend on going through the text again, this time with a specific eye towards correcting typos and getting rid of partial add-ons from previously deleted sections - y'know, the kind of sentences that seem to appear out of nowhere & talk about something that was not previously discussed in the text. Only, the subject was discussed at one point, and then deleted completely, except for reminder sentences in other sections. 

For example: Most entries regarding a "Combat Leader" were deleted, as I changed my mind about such a mechanic during combat, but there may be add-on sentences in other sections that might still exist. I'll know them when I read them.

I'll also look for any references to Portown, or the Campaign, with an eye towards inserting a [sidebar] about Portown and what players (and their characters) can expect to find there. I'm still debating whether to include any new Vancian spells in the spell lists, but I believe that the Portown Sidebars will be a great place to put such additional goodies. 

Here's a new Vancian spell, just to provide an example of the content that I'd like to add: 

 Lekoreiz's Girlish Departure (Charm/Enchantment) Level: 2 Range: 10 ft/level Duration: 1d4 rounds AoE: Caster Level = HD of enemies Save vs. Spells This spell causes the caster's level = HD of enemies to turn and run away from the caster screaming and waving their arms like little girls. Chaotic wizards may cause enemies to run away skipping and giggling instead if they so choose.

This is one of the few spells I have so far. I have a lot more, but they're not completed. The name comes from a Vancian Spell Name Generator I found online a couple/three years ago, and I generated thousands, tens of thousands of spell names, then started sifting slowly through them for the best gems. This is one of them. Someday, I might have the time to actually find that generator and link to it, providing it's creator with the recognition he/she/they deserve.